Over 500,000 Immigrants Apply for Deferred Action under DACA

Last June 15, 2012, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) process came into effect. It is under the oversight of U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The OBAMA administration made this for the main purpose of DACA to answer the growing issue which is the undocumented immigrants who entered the U.S.A as children.

These children were innocent and not a part of the decision to enter the country illegally. They came in with their parents, attending schools in the country and have been shaped by the nation’s culture. They grew up as Americans but they have no legal standing in the country. They are known as the “DREAMers” which is after the proposed Development, Relief, and Education for Minors Act.

There are certain DACA requirements for the applicants to comply. The applicant must have arrived in the United States prior to age of sixteen and then continuously resides in the United States without the legal status since June 15, 2007. As of June 15, 2012 the applicants must be younger than 31 years old and at least 15 years old before they apply. But those applicants who faced deportation proceedings are exempted to this requirement. The applicants must be enrolled in or a graduate in any United States high school or possessed a GED. Those who are discharged honorably by military veterans are also qualified for DACA.

Those who are convicted of crimes and serious misbehaviors do not qualify for DACA. Likewise, applicants who are deemed to pose a risk to national security or public safety do not qualify too.

Once approved, DACA does not provide a permanent immigration status to applicants. What they offer is renewable deferred actions, which means an administrative relief from deportation is granted every two years. The applicant can legally work in the United States without fear or removal proceedings too.

Each of the applicants was born in 192 nations and a great percent of these applicants are accounted in only 25 nations. A huge number of applicants were born in Mexico. Most of the applicants were older adolescents and young adults who are in college, high school or learning online. The motivation of these applicants in applying DACA is to consider their future and see DACA as the only means for them to remain in the country while they are complying with the national law.

Even though this act has been declared effective by the OBAMA administration, immigration still remains a hot topic. Many DACA opponents question the program’s legitimacy. Despite the negativity, advocates of DACA believe that these DREAMers don’t take responsibility of their families’ decision in entering the country illegally.

With or without DACA approval, until a decision is made one way or the other on the DREAM act, the position of the DREAMers in the United States will remain no doubt

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Immigration Reform 2013: A Brand New Start

Millions of individuals who immigrate in search for a better life are widely spreading and that most of these people traveled in United States of America known as the nation of immigrants. Although many people reside in the country, generations by generations the land welcomes all immigrants and offering them opportunities for different purposes: living for good, for liberty, or for the pursuit of happiness, those people who immigrate on the nation is in search of their American Dream, the dream not to be judged by your race, religion, class or creed, but to be judged by your character, your mental and moral qualities as an individual. That is the main reason why different people are motivated to immigrate in the US by legal or illegal means. Nowadays, it seems that this American Dream is slowly drifting away. But as a nation, everyone holding to it can reclaim it, and that is to pass immigration reform.

Before putting the immigration reform, let’s take a look on the nation’s economic statistics which cause the problem: income inequality. As measured by the Gini index, income inequality has been on rise since the start of new millennium and has been relatively stable during 1990s boom years. Since the Great Recession, Gini index continuously surveys this and it has risen significantly.

Later, the nation recovers from the dilemma and that richest Americans benefited from it but leaving the middle and poor class behind. Ninety percent of the income gains from the first year of the recovery were received by the rich class thus middle and poor class wages remain stagnant. Because of this, there are factors causing the economy values corporate profits over raising the middle-class wages. Those profits are 22% above their pre-recession level while only 3% are the compensation for the employees. As a result, almost 80% of Americans were jobless and is reliant only to government welfare programs.

Then what about the American Dream all immigrants were holding onto? As what a Small Business Administration studied and concluded, illegal immigrants who own businesses have greater sales than those working with clean and legal papers. The equality of all men striving for living and been working just to support their family and loved ones seems not to be legit now. This has been making the poor on their poorest state while rich men enjoy their bountiful riches.

Due to this problem, the American Dream was neglected and as a result, people urge to change the immigration system. The system then consists of all the requirements needed on this 21st century. This reform then will not solve their entire problem but is a brand new start. A new start for them to renew the said promise for them that all together they will prosper and that America will be forever a home yearning every opportunity needed to succeed. Immigration reform truly is a great help for those holding into the American Dream.

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The Factor that Stimulates Immigrants

There are overriding economic benefits which immigrants give to a certain country that has been missed by the Republican restrictionists for they only focused on the fiscal cost of immigration. One of these benefits is the promotion of immigrants in the growth and innovation of one’s country.

National Foundation for American Policy and National Venture Capital Association conducted a new study and found out that those immigrants help launched a third of venture-backed companies that have been public since 2006. Some of these companies are Facebook, LinkedIn and Zipcar. A company which is started by an immigrant with a venture capital employs over 600,000 people worldwide and has a market cap of $900 billion.

High-tech manufacturers constitute four out of ten immigrants as start-ups and went public prior the year 2006 are helping in reviving the American industry. Quarter of these immigrant-founded companies was in information technology.

Let’s take the famous search engine, the Google and Yahoo. Google was started by a Russian émigré Sergey Brin with Larry Page in Stanford way back 1996. It now employs 54,000 people nationwide and calculating the number of indirect jobs Google has generated has been impossible as well as the economic multiplier of the founder, Mr. Brin. Just like Mr. Brin, Jerry Yang, an innovator immigrant and a co-founder of Yahoo, likewise break all the economic stimulus models.

Not long time ago when Mr. Brin along with his parents as a child, private venture-funded companies started. They were supported by employer visas or they work while they are a student at the same time. As the demand increases, the American student pursuing advanced degrees in science technology cannot pace with so graduate schools grew more dependent on foreign students to assist them with research and teaching. Due to this, 70% of America’s electrical engineering and 63% of its computer science graduate departments were all international students.

Immigrants also populate half of the chemical, mechanical, materials, and industrial engineering graduate students who are critical in attracting top faculty and performing basic research. This research then is needed to be innovated by the American companies.

These facts help in explaining why technology leaders and universities are one of those loudest proponents of the immigration reform. Some of them like Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman and Mark Zuckerberg have organized “Fwd.us”. This organization is a campaign-financed org that scold like to hold responsible or to advocate for easing restrictions on high-skilled labor. This then help those immigrants who take jobs not to be violated and step-on.

In line with the immigration reform, one of its goals is to make it easier for businesses to get the workers they need in the U.S. But it is also equally important to this goal that it is in need to expand the pool of intellectual capital on which there can never be too much.

Upon all these facts, many people found many opportunities for them in the job market making them motivated to move in the United States and to become immigrants.

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