Illegal Immigration

Immigration and Customs Enforcement


Illegal immigration remains to be a sensitive issue shaping the U.S. government today. It brings forward challenges related to the proper response that the government should take and the opportunities and problems it can bring to US society. Focusing on the challenges by the United States, the development of undocumented workers remains to be influenced by numerous factors. Realizing the problem of illegal immigration within US society, recognizing its cause and effects can bring forward new inputs to understand the problem and come up with ways to provide suitable solutions to the issue.


One relevant cause of illegal immigration in the United States comes from the problem of poverty by immigrants. This means that wealth and income from specific societies does not match the needs of people to survive. Having this kind of lifestyle prompts people from developing countries to travel illegally to the United States without any US passport. These people risk their lives in order to live a better life and escape the impoverish environment in their respective home countries.


Connected to the issue of poverty, overpopulation is also another cause for illegal immigration in the United States. Given the large population of a specific country, the government is unable to address fully the needs of the citizenry. The end results are of course the development of poverty and unemployment. Since population of these countries continue to increase every year, the trends related to poverty become apparent. Such issue brings forward challenges to US customs and border patrol as they particularly need to address the impact of illegal entry and its potential consequences in the long run.

Better Opportunities
Similarly, people continue to cross borders and risk being caught by authorities because of better working opportunities in the United States. This means that there are existing sources of income for undocumented workers that would help them improve their life. All they have to do is address the issue of the US border patrol, look for jobs that are not necessarily strict with working papers, and try to avoid US customs. In a way, the opportunity to improve one’s life entices people to work in the United States illegally.

Demand for Work

Another cause for illegal entry of people in the United States comes from the existence of labor opportunities. Specifically, the country seeks unskilled labor that locals do not seek to engage in. Having this available chance prompts people to enter unlawfully and disregard the rules and requirements of customs. The very existence of this market serves as motivation for people to enter and work without specifically addressing requirements. Examples of these jobs include house cleaning, construction, harvesting, etc. It is in these industries that many undocumented workers can be seen.

Victims of War and Asylum

People who have been subjected to violence or seeking refuge from the existing conflict in their home country is another reason why people enter the United States illegally. Most of the time, the reason that these people enter unlawfully is because of the slow process of approval coming from US customs. At the same time, they would rather risk the chance of being caught by US customs and border patrol rather than being subjected to violence or death in their home country. Specific examples to show these are countries that remain to be unstable or facing civil war.

Inefficiencies in Government
In addition, the increase of undocumented people in the United States can also be attributed to the ineffective nature of some government agencies. Specifically, the problem arises with the manner that specific government bodies provide US passport to applicants. This then prompts people to cross illegally rather than wait for official documentation that is too long to finish. Even if these immigration standards, rules, and policies remain to be the standard of the United States government, it is also a main facet that connects why there continues to be a large number of illegal entries in the country.

Recognizing the causes of illegal immigration, it is now essential to understand the effects of this in the United States both in the short and long run. Understanding these factors can help expand the nature on as to why the government has continued its stance against undocumented people and how it was widened the role of the US customs and border patrol in enforcing appropriate rules and policing measures connected to this issue. Defining such impact can then put forward ways to solve the problem and address future trends.


One essential impact that undocumented people without a US passport create is disparity surrounding opportunities related to employment. Here, citizens would be facing difficulties finding jobs because of illegal workers. The reason behind this is that some companies prefer this group compared to locals due to a willingness to accept lower wages and limited benefits. This is in contrast to the locals who are required to be given full benefits. For nay business, it would be cost-effective to hire illegal workers especially in areas related to unskilled labor. In a bigger picture, having this kind of arrangement puts the economy at risk as it can increase unemployment and also affect the manner that governments can provide social services to its citizens.

Terrorism and Security

Another effect that this issue carries reflects the capacity of the US government to address terrorism and protection of its borders. Since the US border patrol is one branch to promote national security measures, the inability to address undocumented people can result to higher risks for terrorism. This is particularly essential especially after the 9/11 bombings where the United States were exposed to an attack within its borders. Having then a large group of illegal immigrants may prove to be a challenging endeavor especially for enforcement agencies to promote anti-terrorism measures.

Law Enforcement Issues
Lastly, undocumented entry to the United States also poses a threat in the ability of law enforcement agencies to maintain peace and security within communities. This means that these people can commit different crimes that would disrupt the ability of society to function accordingly. Likewise, it also exposes US citizens to the risk of crimes related to theft, murder, drug trafficking, and other offenses. Even if this trend isn’t prevalent to all undocumented persons, there continue to be groups that can bring harm and damage. It is critical then for law enforcement agencies to properly coordinate with the border patrol for policing and to customs for adherence to deportation procedures.

Environmental Security

Lastly, undocumented persons also provide problems for the U.S. government in its ability to address environmental issues within its borders. Most of these groups contribute to increased environmental degradation and abuses of lands. Also, they increase the amount of trash that the U.S. government has to address annually. All these apart from other indicators provide challenges for the US government to adequately sustain its environmental security measures.

In the end, illegal immigration continues to be a prevalent issue in the United States. Its cause resonates from a multitude of factors such as political, economic, and social issues facing a person’s home country. These reasons in turn create challenges for enforcement agencies to adequately provide monitoring and apprehension of people. This in turn creates effects that are slowly becoming manifested in US society today. Areas related to security, economic disparities, as well as enforcement issues continue to become apparent and shape government policies. Recognizing then the value of this issue, it is critical for the US government to determine its stand and provide suitable options for legislation and policy.