Illegal Immigrantion Facts

Illegal Immigration Problems

Cost of Illegal Immigration

There are conflicting views on illegal immigrants and their role in American society, some contend that immigration (including illegal immigration) is part of the American ideal and should have the right to stay. Others believe that these illegal immigrants pose various threats to national security, the economy, and the general public; this contingency believes that illegal immigrants should be deported. Regardless of what one’s views are on the issue at current, they are called illegal immigrants due to their extra-legal residence in the United States of America. As such the normal practice is to deport them as the letter of the law prescribes. Those who believe that illegal immigrants belong in the country have misconstrued the fact that there is a legal basis for entering the country. It is important to remember that the first word in illegal immigrant is illegal, there is a proper procedure to obtain legal residency in the United States and should be the only way that a foreign national can be naturalized.

Although some people believe there are some benefits to illegal immigration there are also a multitude of different risks that can easily outweigh any of those perceived benefits. The introduction and spreading of disease, human rights issues, economical, linguistic and logistical issues are just some of the problems that come along with a large population of illegal immigrants.

Illegal Immigrants and Diseases

There is a reason that the Department of Homeland Defense, US customs and border patrol have guidelines and certain criteria for foreign nationals entering the country. The most immediate risk to life and limb is the introduction of a disease that may have developed endemically in a country a foreign national is emigrating from. The reason American Embassies abroad require a physical examination of visa applicants is to ensure that they do not have any form of infectious disease that could be a health risk to the entire country. The overwhelming majority of highly infectious diseases is borne out of the developing world in the most impoverished communities. It is usually in areas where livestock, poultry or other animals live in close proximity to humans in densely packed situations when diseases from the animals mutate and become transmittable by human hosts. Diseases such as Foot and Mouth Disease, SARS, Swine Flu, and Bird Flu were first transmitted from these environments.

This is why US Customs and Border Patrol usually have screening via infrared thermal imaging to identify potential health risks in all points of entry into the United States. The difficulty of course is in the US border patrol’s monumental task to secure permeable borders such as the Mexican –American border. Aside from highly contagious airborne diseases, blood borne illnesses such as hepatitis and AIDS also enter the country from undesirable illegal aliens that have no business entering the country without proper authorization.

The spread of disease is a serious threat that most people do not consider, the US customs and border patrol must be able to do their job to the fullest of their capabilities to stop this threat. The common misconception is that all the people coming across the permeable border between the United States and Mexico are mostly Mexican, the truth is many different people from a diverse number of countries from around the world utilize this border as an easy point of entrance for illegal immigration.

Illegal Immigrants and the Economy

Some speculate that illegal immigration is what allows certain businesses to proliferate, this is because illegal aliens with little or no education are usually willing to work at extremely low wages. Since they are unaccounted for by merit of the paperwork they can often be hired for wages much lower than the minimum wage. Illegal immigration allows for the exploitation of these desperate people which leave them susceptible to human rights violations due to their fear of deportation. They may be undesirable people by the merit of their illegal status in the United States, but this does not mean that they should be subject coercion and other compromising activities by prospective and immoral individuals. In a sense the secondary duty of the US border patrol of protecting the American borders is to protect illegal immigrants from coercion and other violations upon their rights. A large influx of illegal immigrants can suck jobs right out from under legal American citizens, there is nothing the border patrol can do to keep opportunistic entrepreneurs from paying these illegal alien’s wages below minimum wage. Illegal immigrants’ tenacity to take jobs for much lower pay than legal American make it next to impossible for law abiding citizens to get these jobs. Another effect that this has on the economy is the fact that these illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, their employers also do not list them and therefore their labor is not taxed either. The drag that their existence applies to the infrastructure of the United States as well as their lack of input into the tax system doubles the harm that they do. The US border patrol, and US customs can do nothing to stop these people from sending all of their earnings back to the country from which they came. This sucks the life out of the American economy because little to no money is spent in American businesses; instead this money which is in the millions goes back to their home countries.

Illegal Immigrants and Public Safety

Due to the fact that illegal immigrants that enter the country without documentation cannot be held accountable for their actions they are free to do all sorts of illegal activities as freely as they wish. The border between Mexico and the United States that is patrolled by the border patrol is more than an access point for illegal immigration. It is also the major entrance point for a the greater majority of contraband into the country. Illegal merchandise including drugs, counterfeit goods, and guns make it into the country along with illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration allows for the influx of drugs as well as the cartels and street gangs that come along to distribute the product to enter and thrive in the United States. The public who does not see any problem with illegal immigration simply take a blind eye to this serious threat that allows for a steady flow of dangerous substances that poison American citizens’ lives while moving the money out of the country. The American Government pours millions, if not billions, of dollars to the US border patrol to stop this problem; in all actuality though, the best way to stop all of this is to deport as many of these undesirable illegal immigrants as possible. Although US customs and border control are not directly combating these criminals, they are the first and most effective line of defense for the country. When the border patrol stops the entry of drugs as well as illegal immigrants it works two fold in stopping the product as well as the distributors. One thing that the US border patrol cannot do is stop American citizens from buying the drugs, which would be the most effective means of stopping the problem.

The Overwhelming Problem

Even with the extensive funding that US customs and border patrol gets, it is extremely difficult for them to do their job. For the most part this is due to the private citizen’s actions of allowing these illegal aliens to stay within the country. Sympathizing with them and believing that illegal immigration is not bad is a grave miscalculation as well as an insult to those who actually find the means to enter the country legally. There is nothing wrong with immigrants, as long as they go through the proper process of getting into the country, this ensures both the safety of the citizens of the United States as well as well as they would be illegal immigrants.