Businesses Aid in Remolding the U.S. Immigration Debate

In a closed door discussion, a number of big time entrepreneur executives told the Texas Representative Ted Poe, a fiver term Republican that they cannot search for enough Americans that are enthusiastic with the idea of repairing stuffs in the sidewalk, selling sub standard good in the streets or take part in performing low-key works just so that the fourth largest U.S. city keeps on buzzing. What they need are not people, but a tough guest-worker program.

The representative in response to the executives said that he is now working on a certain bill that answers the problem, he assured each one of them that his Co-Republicans are very much helping to overhaul the U.S. Immigration system in the months to come. The immigration system of the U.S.  has been struggling in dealing with the almost 11 million undocumented and paperless residents in the United States. As the summer season is ending and lawmakers are starting to return to their home districts, hundreds of businesses in the U.S. have in a subtle way persuading the Republicans like Poe for a change in the way the whole immigration works and operates. These entrepreneurs and all their constituents offer their hand to support the system overhaul despite the objections from the activists.

This discreet method being used by the businesses, coupled with the  resolutions of the few conservative lawmakers to take a full month of campaign against the U.S. President Barrack Obama’s overhaul in the health care department have seemed to decrease the pressure for the immigration debate. The meetings that were held by the members of the Congress this month have not turned into a mess and chaotic exchange of opinion as others have feared it to become. And because of this unexpected albeit positive outcome, the people and the force behind the resolution have been very optimistic that their cause will finally see the light of day in the coming years even with the still present differences and division of stand in the House of Representatives.

According to Glenn Hamer, the president of the Arizona Chamber of Business and Industry, they are confident that this issue will be resolved sooner than later. The business sectors such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been keeping the modification of the immigration system in its top priorities since the current laws, with all its conflicting labor regulations makes it hard to look for workers that they can hire and recruit . The sector has spent long time lobbying higher ups to push the immigration bill up to the Senate and they hope that it gets noticed and given attention by June. The bill is being backed by 14 senators in the Senate’s 46 Republicans and 52 Democrats. A new visa programs for foreign workers, additional conditions for the verifications of the legality of a worker’s status among others are some of what is included in the bill.

The businesses are hand in hand, in making this bill work. Some are travelling from place to place, state to state just to convince other Republicans and Democrats to back the bill up. There have been a lot of strong and loud negative response from the oppositions but according to Poe, his attention will not be divided for this issue has to be addressed.


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Immigration: Backbone of Champion Teams

There are many innovators out there who are completely successful with the help of immigration. One of those is Zack Rinat. He is a co-founder and served as a president of NetDynamics Inc., an application software company. He also served as the Vice President and general manager of the company before it was acquitted by the Sun Microsystems in 1998.

He said that he appreciated the value in building a winning team as an innovator and entrepreneur. He compared the success of a business to immigration. In business, attracting right people helps the organization successful thus lifting the entire economy. Same through with immigration as what he said, encouraging right people in the United States can only help the U.S.  become more successful and competitive.

The key to a champion business according to Mr. Rinat is the recruitment of highly-skilled workers from around the globe that may help build companies, bring new set of skills, and then generate jobs.  But he said that most of us think that embracing outside skill and talent seems to be a fear of lost opportunity yet he found the opposite to be true. Based on his experience, people with unique set of skills add value to business and are valued by their colleagues and teams. Exchanging of expertise and insights to one another with this group of people advances the entire group.

He came to the United States for the same purpose as the others, and that is to take his chance at the American Dream. As encouraged by her mother to pursue the best education possible, he and his sister set goals to come in the United States to advance their degrees which they did as he graduated in Harvard University. Thus, the American universities set as a breeding ground for such exchange and team building.

Now, he has founded many successful companies and he said that each of those has bulk members of highly skilled immigrants as core management and staff. Immigrants from Turkey, Hon Kong, and Israel are included in their Model N Company when they started it in the year 1999 together with the brilliant and highly skilled American-born colleagues.

Their immigrant members of their founding team came to United States in different times but they are successful as a team for they have commonality which is their champion spirit, strong education backgrounds attained in the United States, and a unique skill set.

At the present in their Model N Company, they have 600 employees globally and thousands of partners, system integrators and others that support and drive their company. He said that he feels that have a team they couldn’t have been able to build anywhere else in the world. They say to it that they make it easier for other entrepreneurs everywhere to build their own dream teams right.

True to what Mr. Rinat said, immigrants contributed a lot for their success. Indeed, immigration is truly a backbone for a champion team. It serves as a blueprint for the company to be strong, not prone to destruction.


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Arizona Senators approves the Immigration Reform

John McCain is nearly at the end of his career as a Senator and with his term ending, he would for the immigration system change to be the crowning glory in his political conquest.

Jeff Flake shares the same view as Senator McCain. The newcomer to the upper chamber in the House says that the immigration overhaul is very serious especially in winning the votes of the Latinos and in keeping the Republican Party the fastest growing voters that alters the landscape of politics not only in Arizona but in the entire nation. The immigration overhaul can improve the chances of Flake and his party in the elections for years to come.

Those two goals that are being mentioned above are not the only things that keep these two Senators motivated to support the immigration reform. This change in the immigration system will serve as a chance for their state to fix its reputation which has been brutally murdered by the battles over the Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 where accusations of vigilantes and racial profiling are being done.

McCain and Flake are both united in the belief that the change in the system of acquiring U.S. citizenship is an issue that the people of Arizona are sensitive about. The state has been home to debates concerning the nation’s broken borders. The state is centered for illegal immigration and has the largest population of paperless immigrants, it is because of these problems that the state deems it necessary for the issue to be addressed.

The senators know that the immigration bill was and is a political gamble. The bill proposes a change in the U.S.’ immigration system, the bills as well includes a simple and an easier pathway for the illegal immigrants to legalize their citizenship and settle in the country as a full-fledged American.

Both McCain and Flake have had their fare share in supporting various immigration changes over the years hence this move is not particularly news to many. In 2006, McCain negotiated with the late Senator Kennedy and passed a bill in the Senate, the D-Mass but unfortunately never came anywhere near the House. Not only that, for in the year that followed 2007, McCain became an instrument in a legislation that Kennedy  backed up with the former Senator John Kyl. McCain was the one took the calls from the activists while doing a campaign for president in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Those actions made by McCain is apparently not enough for him. According to him, passing the bill this year will be the stellar of his career and will be the most significant achievements that he will have.

Flake is not one to be sacked for he as well have a few involvements in immigration processes for years.  A personal experience was what motivated Flake to sign up and support this immigration reform bill today. He said that while he was growing up, he has worked with laborers that are mostly undocumented and he has seen their desire for better life, for better employment and privilege.

Both McCain and Flake are working hand-in-hand to get the bill the approval that it deserves.


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